Letter From the Interns

This summer, we had the great pleasure of having two ministry interns serve our church! With August 5th, being their last Sunday with us, we thought it’d be a good idea to let them tell you what they learned this summer!


Tyce (Youth Intern): I have been beyond blessed by this experience and opportunity to serve as the youth intern this summer. Seeing the ins and outs of the church has been eye-opening, and the chance to speak and teach has given me much more confidence in my ability. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and for the Lord’s hand in pushing me to this opportunity.


The church, being the people in it, is so immensely beautiful because of Jesus. As the intern, I have seen just how messy the church can be, whether it is a quarrel or lack of a consensus on an issue. Yet through it all, I have seen Christ shine. He shines through in the commitment members have to the church. He shines through in the grace we have with each other. He shines when the Spirit reveals a truth through a sermon or Scripture and urges us to change. Christ as the head of the church leads so well, and gives us all that we need.

The Church is beautiful in that it encourages us and pushes us to the Lord, as well as gives us an opportunity to come together and serve him in whatever form or fashion that looks like. The Church is a body rather than a hierarchy, and we are all called to ministry in some form or another. While I don’t feel the call to ministry vocationally, I do feel the call to be involved in my church, and serve with whatever gifts I have. I now see how much the church needs everyone to do the work of the church, and this new understanding changed the way I serve. Thank you for giving me a chance to be involved here at First Baptist Bonham. I look forward to seeing how Christ will continue to use us for His glory.



Garrett (Music Intern): During this summer music ministry internship, I have learned a great deal. When I first came to Bonham I was terrified to mess up because I was being trusted with leading the worship of a congregation that I had never even met before. Now 10 weeks later I can honestly say that I’m not afraid to go in front of any congregation, especially to worship.


This summer I’ve been challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone; I’ve gotten to lead the choir; I’ve learned the bass guitar and some piano; and I’ve been able to watch the ins and outs of everything that goes on in the church. Another thing I got to do was attend a worship conference and pool a bunch of ideas from other worship leaders in Dallas and learn how they do things

Rob and I spent a lot of time working on music theory which was really cool because I was lacking some very basic knowledge and Rob took the time to bring me back to the basics. The entire summer I was given an in-depth crash course on everything music ministry that has given me the confidence and the know-how to minister in the future.

I really can’t thank Chase and Rob enough for mentoring me this summer and teaching me and mentoring me and just showing me the basics of ministry. Thank you for a truly transparent look into your Church and for taking the time to invest in me. Also, thank you to the congregation for welcoming me with open arms and for encouraging me as I grew this summer.

Before we send these two Interns back to college, make sure to show them some love!